Hispandering 101: A @ThisIsFusion Video with @AliciaMenendez, @mhmwriter & Our Jefe @julito77

Jun 26, 2014
10:44 am

Last night, Alicia Menendez of Fusion hosted a conversation about “Hispandering” and politicians. Joining Alicia were Michelle H. Mulligan @mhmwriter of Cosmo for Latinas and our very own Julito @julito77.

Here is the first segment:

And here is the second segment:

By the way, Julito’s point that Rush Limbaugh didn’t invent or made the term popular, as reported by the Raw Story this week. It has been floating around for years, being embraced by several Latino political bloggers and writers. The first uses of it, by the way, happened around 2002. Sorry, Rush.

Also, those weren’t Miami Cuban senators. They were members of the House of Representatives.