Why We Will Never Practice ‘Native Advertising’ (VIDEO)

Aug 4, 2014
5:07 pm

Leave it to John Oliver to explain exactly how we feel about independent content and why we will never practice native advertising.

This is simple for us. When we write stories, we decide the editorial. Nothing more, nothing less. We don’t believe in sponsored posts and never will.

We will value editorial over anything else. We value our readers and their intelligence and we now that they don’t want to be “sold.” Any banners we have run in the last three years were either done as favors to friends or because we believed in a project. That is the truth. Anyone who tells you differently is lying.

We never created this group for the money (or lack of it). We truly believe in creating a page the is different and independent, fearless and honest. If it leads to other opportunities, only time will tell, but for all of you who have tried to offer us money to write about their brands, the answer is simple: NO. NOT NOW. NOT EVER.

That’s just how we roll, and we’re doing ok. We’re not hating on others: we just believe in doing it differently, and doing it right. Has it meant not making money right now? Sure. But it has kept us real, and that matters more than anything else.