DREAMer Activist César Vargas Explains Backstory of Steve King-Rand Paul Viral Video

Aug 11, 2014
9:54 am

Last night on Latino Rebels Radio, César Vargas of DRM Action Coalition spent about 40 minutes discussing the details behind the viral video where he and fellow DRM co-director Erika Andiola confronted Iowa Rep. Steve King and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Here is the full show:

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According to Vargas, the video was not a staged event as some have said, including King. Vargas and Andiola had gone to Iowa to talk with King’s constituents, many of whom think the Iowa Republican has gotten too extreme on immigration. After that, they were invited to a fundraiser with King and Paul, which Vargas described as “relaxed.” Vargas said that Andiola got upset after King started his speech by bragging about how he helped to vote against DACA last week in DC. That context was the impetus for Andiola to say what she said about whether King wanted to rip up her DACA card. Meanwhile, Vargas also address Sen. Paul’s sudden departure from the scene.

Vargas also added that it was never their intent to confront Rep. King and Sen. Paul, but the nature of the fundraising event was very informal. When asked about the individual who at the end of the video told Vargas and Andiola to leave this country, Vargas said it was only once person and that the majority of people at the event were supportive of their actions.

Our show had some technical difficulties, but when we went back online, Vargas also addressed King’s assertions that Vargas, Andiola and other DREAMers were breaking the law. Vargas used the example of King urging people to not file their taxes on April 15 as an example of King pushing a law to be broken.

After the conversation with Vargas, we also talked with the founder of SalvaCultura.