A ‘La Comay’ Movie Will Premiere This November in Puerto Rico

Sep 26, 2014
11:08 am

Now that the “La Comay” puppet can’t find a TV home after the once hugely popular “SuperXclusivo” show was dropped by Puerto Rico’s Wapa TV in 2013 due to massive advertiser boycott, a “Comay” movie in scheduled to release this November. Puerto Rico’s El Vocero reported Wednesday that the documentary, called “Aparente y alegadamente” (“Apparently and allegedly”), has a November 13 premiere date at Caribbean Cinemas.


According to El Vocero, the documentary is producer by Manolo Travieso, son of the show’s co-host Héctor Travieso. The report also said that the film will give the puppet character (portrayed by Kobbo Santarrosa) the opportunity to share opinions that could not have been shared on TV, where the ‘SuperXclusivo’ show ran for 14 years and became Puerto Rico’s top-rated show. However, according to the report, it is not clear if Santarrosa gave the project its blessing or is officially involved. Héctor Travieso told El Vocero that his son Manolo is in charge of the movie and that they did not talk to Santarrosa about the project because it is “his son’s project.” Héctor Travieso also said this in Spanish (our English translation)

I was interviewed as “Kobbo”… and other personalities because they did a thorough research work about what happened with “La Comay.” How can a program that was seen in dozens of cities in the United States and Dominican Republic, made money and was number one, how can it now be off the air?

Héctor Travieso said that moviegoers will be left “speechless” once they hear what will be said in the movie.

Besides being shown in Puerto Rico, producers plan to screen the film in the Dominican Republic and parts of the United States.

In December of 2012, after Santarrosa’s Comay puppet character made disparaging comments about the death of publicist José Enrique Gómez, a #BoicotLaComay group went viral in Puerto Rico, and within weeks, “SuperXClusivo” was no longer on TV.

The Vocero story did mention that the documentary will include a point of view from organizers the boycott group. Latino Rebels did get confirmation from organizers that they were interviewed for the film.

The documentary already has a Facebook page promoting the release date.