Trenton Removes Mike Brown Mural Because It Made Police ‘Uncomfortable’

Oct 26, 2014
11:46 am

Last week in Trenton, New Jersey, a mural honoring Mike Brown was removed after the director of the city’s downtown association said that it “made some of the officers uncomfortable about policing that area,” according to The Trentonian.

A video showing the removal of the mural, which included the words “Sagging pants is not probable cause,” was posted on YouTube last Monday.

Local news reported that Will “Kasso” Condry was looking for a dialogue in the community about the reaction to the Brown case:

Condry told NBC10 he was trying to create a dialogue rather than criticize law enforcement. Trenton Police told NBC10 however they felt the image of Brown was a distraction that undermined the relationship between police and the community. Yet even though the mural is gone, Condry believes it did its job.

“We’ve got to bring all these different sides together to talk about it and work through it creatively,” he said.

Acting Police Director Ernest Parrey told NBC10 he’s willing to follow Condry’s suggestion and have a conversation.