Why We Chose a Latino-Owned Web Hosting Service

Nov 3, 2014
9:46 pm

When I talk about what goes on behind the scenes at Latino Rebels, I usually write about how the page consists of 60+ contributors who produce some of the best editorial content in the Latino digital space today. Considering we 1) we post less than other similar sites; 2) we do not have any real paid staff and instead have a collective of core members who have always believed in this crazy idea and 3) continue to see other pages get more and more “Rebelde” in how they approach their editorial plans, we are extremely proud of the fact that so much has been accomplished. This is only the beginning, and the future is bright.

In addition, include several administrators who curate stories on our Facebook and Twitter (plus all other accounts they help run, like G+ and Tumblr), and you will realize that the heart and soul of Latino Rebels are the dedicated people who make the conscious choice to ensure this site is a place they care deeply about. We are truly an organic group that doesn’t overthink too much, nor (quite frankly) pays much attention to those who think they have us all figured out (they don’t and they never will). That is what makes different, as well as the fact that we are truly a family of like-minded crazies.

Yet with all the editorial accomplishments the group has achieved, we would be nothing without the people who make sure our site is running smoothly every day. At one point in time, this page was hosted by a company that used to be solid, but once it began to grow, it lost focus on its customers. That lost focus led to pages going offline for hours, even for days. When it happened to us earlier this year (three times), we as group decided to go find a superior hosting service.

Enter Archipiélago, a web company co-founded by my dear friend and fellow Rebelde Salvador Mendoza.


Salvador is one of the most dedicated and incredible people to enter my life and the life of the Rebeldes. For months, he would tell me that our previous hosting service was really killing our performance as a site, and while I nodded, I would tell him that I am ready to move the site to anyone I can trust. Luckily for Latino Rebels, Archipiélago was just about to launch. Why not just move LatinoRebels.com to the new company as an early test case for Archipiélago?

It took me three seconds to say yes. Not only because Salvador is a dear friend, but also because Archipiélago was breaking the stereotype: here was a Latino-owned web company that promised to be different, that knew so many people want top-notch performance AND service. Salvador was ready to show me how well-equipped Archipiélago was to handle our site, but I didn’t need those stats. This was all about Salvador and his team.

We trusted them.

We wanted them to change the ignorant perception that Latinos and tech do not mix.

Months later, we are thrilled to report that Archipiélago has not only delivered, it has exceeded our expectations.

Let me provide you with our own case study.

Here is a screen grab of LatinoRebels.com traffic from January 2014 until the end of this April. All the data here comes from our former (yes, former) service provider:

LatinoRebels.com: January 1, 2014–April 30, 2014 (4 months)


Avg. monthly sessions: 69,693
Avg. monthly users: 55,026
Avg. monthly pageviews: 88,398

Here is the traffic under Archipiélago from May until the end of October (6 months):


Avg. monthly sessions: 115,296
Avg. monthly users: 88,274
Avg. monthly pageviews: 149,121

Increases per month:

Avg. monthly sessions: +45,603 (65% increase)
Avg. monthly users: +33,248 (60% increase)
Avg. monthly pageviews: +60,723 (68% increase)

Such positive growth in just six months has lead LatinoRebels.com to the following ranking by Alexa, as of today:


Are we happy? What do you think?

I am absolutely convinced that without Archipiélago, LatinoRebels.com would have not grown so quickly this year. The page has a faster load speeds, better servers and a more stable environment. Our editorial and our social communities have always been our core strength, but combine it with a company that you trust and can deliver a site that works incredibly well? That’s a winning combination.

You have to join the Archipiélago. Like right now.


Right now.

Julio Ricardo Varela
Founder, LatinoRebels.com