Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams Slow Jam Immigration: Please Stop

Dec 3, 2014
12:23 pm

Hey, we get it. Jimmy Fallon likes to Slow Jam the News with Brian Williams. And last night, it was all about immigration. Here it is:

But most of it just missed the mark. The beginning once again misrepresented what President Obama actually did. Seriously, Brian Williams, an NBC News anchor, said that Obama’s executive order provides a path to citizenship for some. Seriously, Brian? That is patently false. Memo to Williams: we know that Jimmy Fallon is not a news person, but your are. What you said as a flipping news anchor was just not true.

And then there is the image of the shifty immigrant coming “into the back door” as if it were a Black Friday line at Kmart. Yay, stereotypes! Once again, the folks at NBC stretch the truth for a laugh, at the expense of real stories and real families.

Enough with the simplistic comedic narratives that have no basis in truth. Why not Slow Jam actual intelligence next time?