We Got an Ad for JibJab’s Sombreros in a Desert ‘Feliz Navidad’ Song Because You Know

Dec 11, 2014
4:38 pm

Yes, this happened right now as we logged on to Facebook, because you know, JibJab probably is marketing the following Christmas ad to “Hispanics, 18-35:”


Oh, dear.

And yes, this is the actual copy: “Trade that Santa hat for a sombrero as you and three friends fiesta…” You know the song they chose, right? Of course.

Need we need to remind what is so wrong and disconnected here? Do we really need to explain this? Anyway, go crazy if you want to JibJab lame stale-ass stereotypes.

Sombreros? Check.

Sarapes? Check.

Maracas? Yup.

The desert? Done.

We don’t even want to guess how many of our non-Latino friends will email us that JibJab this year. The humanity.


By the way, JibJab’s offerings this year not only have Feliz Navidad in sombreros, but a “Rockeando alredor del árbol de Navidad” card as well. For the record, there are no other “ethnic” cards listed. Just these two along with the standard JibJab products. Because you know…

¡Feliz Hispandering!

PS We let Facebook know that the ad sucked.