From All of Us at REBEL REPORT: ¡Feliz Navidad and Gracias! (VIDEO)

Dec 22, 2014
7:17 pm

So when our friends at Flama asked us to become executive producers of Rebel Report, we were really excited, but at the same time really nervous since it is extremely difficult to not only 1) create original content on a weekly basis with strong production value but also 2) have people actually watch the show. Fortunately for us, we have an amazing host in R.J. Aguiar plus one very talented writing team: Gabe Pacheco, Julia Grob and Kahlil Almustafa. As a result, Rebel Report’s first six episodes have gotten more than 90,000 total Facebook views. To all the 90,000 who watched, ¡GRACIAS!

And oh yeah, ¡FELIZ NAVIDAD! R.J. has more to say in Episode 6:

In case you didn’t catch Episode 5, here it is.

You can catch Episodes 1–4 here. And if you missed R.J.’s Remezcla profile, take a chance to read it now.

We will be back in early January with new episodes. In the meantime, rock it out with this classic song (and the dance moves, the dance moves!).