The Top 10 Stories of 2014 from

Dec 29, 2014
2:35 pm

2014 was another fantastic year for all of us here at With over 1.6 million pageviews and over 1.2 million visitors, interest in our site increased by more than 20% when compared to 2013. It was indeed a group effort, and we want to thank all our readers (from our most loyal fans to our most loyal haters) for all the support.

Last night on Latino Rebels Radio, we listed this year’s top 10 stories. The criteria this year were based on readership and social shares. The range of the top 10 stories ranged from 15,000 reads to more than 80,000.

Here are the top 10 stories:

Number 10: The California realtor who didn’t like Mexican flags on lawns. This comes with major props to our friends at By the way, a few days after the story went viral, we had one very telling interview. We’re still waiting for the apology video.

Number 9: The whole NYTimes “White Latino” mess. That one column led to so many others, as well a deeper dialogue about media and how it misrepresents Latinos.

Number 8: The Dodgers EPN social media fail. As of this printing, the Dodgers, who promised us that they would formally reply about the photo, have yet to do so.

Number 7: Mike Brown’s body being put in an SUV. Of all the stories we wrote about this year, the Mike Brown story was by far the most divisive. While the vast majority of our readers clearly understood why we thought this story was important, a small group of ignorants never got the memo. Maybe they should check out what Rebel Diaz did the last few months. Connect the dots, people.

Number 6: The ridiculous IndyStar editorial cartoon. Because it’s all about removing a mustache. Got it.

Number 5: The Bieber double standard when it comes to immigration. The response from immigrant youth through social media was truly #Undeportable.

Number 4: The time Laura Ingaraham could not believe a news anchor could speak in two languages. Interestingly enough, the response towards this piece was instant, especially among young people.

Number 3: Summer in Murrieta, California. Who can forget how it all went down? Or that some Arizona politician took it a bit too far? And how can you not forget the much-maligned Border Convoy?

Number 2: The Berkeley landscaper who wanted nothing to do with “f*cking illegal immigrants.” All because a group of college students ask the business owner about internships and site tours.

Number 1: Iguala. The news from Mexico led to some of the most powerful pieces we published this year.

There were so many other stories to add, but these were the top 10.

Thank you to all who visited our site this year!