In Close Race, Arizona GOP Politician Wins #NoMames2014 Award

Dec 31, 2014
2:50 pm

In a field of some very strong #NoMames candidates, the Arizona Republican who thought a bus full of YMCA kids were actually unaccompanied minors from Central America is the winner of the #NoMames2014 Award.


Let’s watch the winning entry again:

With over 200 readers voting, here were the results:

The Arizona politician who chased a bus full of camp kids: 25%
The Murrieta protesters who can’t spell: 18%
The Los Angeles Dodgers for posting Peña Nieto picture during height of Ayotzinapa: 18%
Laura Ingraham for flipping out that actual news anchors can be bilingual: 17%
The New York Times’ “White Latino” debacle: 7%
The Berkeley landscaper who wanted nothing to do with “f*cking illegal immigrants.”: 7&

There were also several write-in votes. Here were the top ones:

“Can I vote for all of the above and anything Anne Coultier or however the f*ck you spell her name says or writes about Latinos”

“The news media for being part of the “pueblo olvidados” problem–50 plus years after Ellison wrote ‘Invisible Man’ it is blind to things like Tres Reyes and having proportional newscasters, covering news that matters to people of Hispanic heritage.”

“Cops everywhere.”

“Peter King”

“Peña Nieto for slaughtering and ignoring a the countries request for his resignation!”

“NPR having a biblical scholar contend that there were no people of color in biblical times so no need for them on Exodus. Egyptians were caucasians and the Israelites were a darker shade of caucasian.”

“hands down Tom Perez

“Angélica Rivera claiming she made over 7 million dollars as a soap opera actress”

And perhaps the most bizarre nomination was for our founder, @julito77:

“Julio Varela … Por culo”

For that last vote we say…