Young Man Who Filmed ‘Speak English’ IHOP Lady: I Did It For My Mom

Aug 2, 2015
11:30 pm

Tonight on Latino Rebels Radio, we had a long conversation with Carlos Steven Vasquez, the young man whose Facebook video of an elderly women telling him and his mother to speak English while they all waited for lunch at a Koreatown IHOP in Los Angeles has now gotten more than 12 million views in about two days.

In case you are one of the 12 million people who hasn’t seen the it yet, here is the video:

So today at IHOP a white lady stepped in and insulted my mother for speaking Spanish. She told my mom to learn English Or get out of mom does speak English with an accent though! I stepped in an didn't let her do that. Please share!! This will not stop unless we step in. Latinos tenemos que hablar contra el RACISMO!Here's the video of proof!Share!!!

Posted by Carlos Steven Vasquez on Friday, July 31, 2015

This is the radio conversation we had with him tonight (IMPORTANT: our playback of the video’s audio experienced some technical issues, so just you can fast forward the section from 10:00 to 13:30. No need to listen to it. We will try to fix it this week.):

Also, we wanted to share the public words Carlos shared earlier today on his Facebook:

Carlos Steven Vasquez (l) via his Facebook

Carlos Steven Vasquez (l) via his Facebook

I just want to Thank everyone for the positive comments and vibes for my mother. Thank you for ALL the birthday wishes. If I didn’t reply to all your messages it’s because I got so many but I took the time to read your stories as well. But thank you for being aware. I’m also sorry if I insulted anyone in the video too. I got complaints when I stated ” your gonna die real soon”. I wanted to let her know she shouldn’t live like this, interrupting and worrying for other people. I work with “white” people and they are GREAT people! One doesn’t ruin it for everyone, one ruins it for themselves. Have a great day everyone!

By the way, we promised Carlos that we would share a link to his band. So here they are: The Red Hot Tribute Peppers.