One reddit Thread Provides Quite Comprehensive #ParisAttacks Coverage

Nov 14, 2015
10:16 am

While reddit has been dinged in the past for crowdsourcing live updates about major news events (the Boston Marathon bombings, for example), one reddit thread during last night’s Paris attacks actually proved that when done right, live-updating and curating news from different verifiable sources offer readers much more comprehensive coverage that traditional TV news.

With links to live feeds from every major outlet, plus verified tweets, on-the-ground reports and information for people wondering about their loved ones, the reddit volunteers who moderated this page did it right. They became curators of real-time online information from credible accounts and they focused on telling the news without speculation, unlike other threads that relied on cub reporters or wannabe journalists. The result is a permanent online record of the events.

To access the thread, go here.

Featured image via @jean_jullien