Stories From El Salvador: Kevin Peña

Jan 28, 2019
11:24 AM
Originally published at Stories From El Salvador

By Kevin Andree Peña

The homeland knows pain

it knows anger

and frustration

and hunger

and the homeland feels

the blood filled lead

the loss

and the feeling of defiance

that were still here


dragging our feet across the carretera

empujando la carreta filled with fruit

that also carries scars we try to forget.

Homeland. El Salvador.

From la poesía de Roque

a la privatización de Agua

un pueblo siempre en lucha.

Un pueblo, que para mí, siendo estadounidense

feels more like home

than Los Angeles does.

The homeland knows love

and you can find it

in Ahuachapán

in Antiguo Cuscatlán

en todas partes.

Homeland is where my people are.

El amor del pueblo es más que cualquier frontera.

Homeland. El Salvador.