We started as a group of like-minded individuals who believed that social media is real and here to stay. As a result, we have been developing content through blogs, our Facebook page and our Twitter account. We are proud to have a developed a very engaged and young (Latinos under 25) community that is bilingual, bicultural, mobile, savvy, and doesn’t want to be sold. We believe that it is the customer who drives value now, and not brands.

Because of our real-time, real-life expertise in the digital space, we have developed a cost-effective and highly focused agency model that capitalizes on the brilliance of some of the top Latino social medial influencers in the United States and Latin America. We know how to drive business through your site with our proprietary traffic software, our social media strategy, and our belief that if you create great content (in both English and Spanish), you will get conversions.

If you are a company, brand, or opportunity that wants to really achieve outstanding results through digital marketing, contact us at rebeldes@latinorebels.com