Of Course Nike+ FuelBand Gives You a Cinco de Mayo “Fiesta” Trophy If You Burn Enough Calories Today

May 5, 2013
5:00 PM

Nike+ FuelBand  is supposed to be the cool and hip interactive and social device you use each to keep track of your active lifestyle.

Today being May 5, many users of the FuelBand got the following trophy when they finish their walking or running:


Of course.

We did a little more digging about this and found out that this “fiesta” trophy is an official part of the FuelBand product. And it’s the only “ethnic” trophy of the bunch, with bad Spanish to book. El Fiesta? Nike can’t even insult with correct article-noun conventions. Of course.

And you only earn the “El Fiesta” trophy if you are active on Cinco de Mayo. Of course.


Hit it, Gollum.