Puerto Ricans, Upset at Botched Primary, Demand Answers

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — The future of Puerto Rico’s botched primaries rested in the hands of the island’s Supreme Court as answers trickled out Monday on why voting centers lacked ballots and forced officials to reschedule part of the primaries in a blow to the U.S. territory’s democracy.

  • Aug 10, 2020
  • 4:52 PM

The Rainbow Alliance (OPINION)

In breaking ranks with the Old Normal, and never turning back, it gave birth to a revolution —a multiracial, multigenerational movement against racism and economic injustice, in the middle of a devastating pandemic— made up of many powerful voices who this time refuse to be silenced.

  • Aug 10, 2020
  • 11:35 AM

A Momento Latino

The latest episode of Latino Rebels Radio.

  • Aug 10, 2020
  • 9:36 AM

Puerto Rico’s Historic Primaries Marred by Lack of Ballots

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico’s historic primaries were marred on Sunday by a lack of voting materials in a majority of centers across the U.S. territory that forced frustrated voters who braved a spike in COVID-19 cases to turn around and go back home.

  • Aug 9, 2020
  • 2:37 PM

Ex-Green Berets Sentenced to 20 Years for Venezuela Attack

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — A Venezuelan court has sentenced two former U.S. special forces soldiers to 20 years in prison for their part in a blunder-filled beach attack aimed at overthrowing President Nicolás Maduro.

  • Aug 8, 2020
  • 3:55 PM

Joe Arpaio Defeated in What’s Likely His Last Political Race

PHOENIX (AP) — This political campaign was likely the last for Joe Arpaio, the former six-term sheriff of metro Phoenix known for leading immigration crackdowns and building a political career around the harsh treatment of jail inmates. The 88-year-old lawman narrowly lost a race to win back his old job, his second failed comeback bid four years after getting voted out of office.

  • Aug 8, 2020
  • 2:55 PM

Voters Weary as Puerto Rico Prepares for Historic Primaries

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Two candidates who both served as replacement governors in the wake of a Puerto Rican political crisis are competing against each other for a chance to win the job in their own right as the disaster-struck U.S. territory holds primary elections.

  • Aug 7, 2020
  • 1:05 PM

In Trump’s War on Immigrants, His Greatest Foes Are Immigrants Themselves (OPINION)

In the end, what Trump is intellectually and morally incapable of understanding is that long after he’s gone, immigrants will keep coming, keep dreaming, and keep helping make America as great as it will ever be.

  • Aug 7, 2020
  • 11:27 AM

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Clarifies Comments About Blacks and Latinos

“By the way, what you all know, but most people don’t know, unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things,” Biden said.

  • Aug 6, 2020
  • 10:06 PM

NALEO Predicts That at Least 14.6 Million U.S. Latinos Will Cast Ballots in November Elections

The organization said that this would be 15 percent increase in Latino turnout from the 2016 Election, when nearly 12.7 million Latinos cast ballots.

  • Aug 5, 2020
  • 5:12 PM

New Telemundo/BuzzFeed News Poll Says 60% of Young Latino Voters Would Vote for Biden

That finding is one of many that provide a look into one of the country’s fastest-growing electorates.

  • Aug 5, 2020
  • 3:55 PM

Ensuring Puerto Rico’s Long-Term Economic Development (OPINION)

A return to old and failed policies is not the option if Puerto Rico is to succeed in the world economy.

  • Aug 5, 2020
  • 11:58 AM

Biden Issues an Agenda for the US Latino Community

A Tuesday Medium post published by Joe Biden and listed as a 36-minute read provides a comprehensive plan for the U.S. Latino community—a sector of voters the former Vice President under Barack Obama is still struggling to excite for the upcoming November presidential election.

  • Aug 4, 2020
  • 1:18 PM

Judge: ‘Discriminatory’ to Deny Puerto Rico Access to US Aid

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — A federal judge on Monday ruled that it is unconstitutional to deny Puerto Ricans living in the U.S. territory access to three federal welfare programs in a major decision cheered by many.

  • Aug 4, 2020
  • 10:45 AM

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Statement on One-Year Anniversary of the El Paso Shooting

“The El Paso shooting was not only an attack on the Latino community, but an assault on our entire American family,” Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairman Joaquin Castro said.

  • Aug 3, 2020
  • 10:18 AM

Leading Democratic VP Contender Bass Defends Stance on Cuba

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic Rep. Karen Bass, one of the top contenders to be Joe Biden’s running mate, on Sunday defended her past travel to Cuba and the sympathetic comments she made after the death of Fidel Castro, the dictator who ruled the communist country for decades.

  • Aug 2, 2020
  • 4:53 PM

DHS Repression Against Protestors Are Similar to Tactics Used by Authoritarian Governments (OPINION)

People might think I’m being alarmist, but I am not. 

  • Jul 31, 2020
  • 3:06 PM

Vizcarra’s Last State of the Union Speech: More Promises and Lack of Self-Criticism for Peru

“Our country may be attacked by crisis, wars or pandemics, but the courage, the pride and the faith of the Peruvians remain firm and unscathed,” Vizcarra said during his speech.

  • Jul 29, 2020
  • 4:02 PM

Maduro’s Hold on Venezuela Tightens as Coronavirus Surges

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — More than a year after a young U.S.-backed politician rose up to oust Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, the socialist leader holds a yet stronger grip on power—with a boost from the novel coronavirus.

  • Jul 29, 2020
  • 12:26 PM

Trump Administration Won’t Accept New DACA Applications

CHICAGO (AP) — The Trump administration said Tuesday that it will reject new applications and shorten renewal periods for an Obama-era program that shields young people from deportation, taking a defiant stance after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to let it be scrapped completely.

  • Jul 28, 2020
  • 8:59 PM

Elizabeth Warren: Puerto Ricans’ Choice for Vice President (OPINION)

She has demonstrated time and again an unshakable commitment to economic development, worker justice, and debt relief for the people of Puerto Rico—before it was fashionable.

  • Jul 28, 2020
  • 5:46 PM

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