Iván Villanueva

How an Inhumane Response to a ‘Crisis’ Is Destroying Central American Families

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this post appeared on the author’s personal blog. Last June, President Obama declared the mass migration of unaccompanied Central American children across the U.S.-Mexican border as an “urgent humanitarian situation” and directed federal agencies to coordinate a response toward providing housing and other services. National media quickly picked up […]

  • Jun 9, 2015
  • 8:49 AM

A View From Within: How First Generation Salvadoran Americans See Themselves & Why It Matters

EDITOR’S NOTE: Published this week in LatamThought (via Aleszu Bajak), Ivan also approached us to cross-publish his piece. He gave us permission to share his article on our site. Ivan posted it originally on his own page. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California to a Mexican father and a Salvadoran mother. Both came to […]

  • Aug 14, 2014
  • 5:49 PM

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