Ft. Hood Shooter Was Puerto Rican: Let the Distractions and Ignorance Begin in 3… 2…1…

Last night Puerto Rico’s El Nuevo Día followed up on an NBC News story sharing that Ft. Hood shooter Iván López was from Guayanilla, Puerto Rico.

(Photo of Iván López via El Nuevo Día)

(Photo of Iván López via El Nuevo Día)

The END spoke with sources who said that López, an Iraq veteran, went to Asunción Rodríguez de Sala school in Guayanilla, was part the school band and was also a former member of the National Guard of Puerto Rico. The article also reported that López’s mother last year and recently lost his grandfather in February of this year, around the same time that López went to Ft. Hood for the treatment of possible mental health issues.

Now four people are dead, including López, and 16 are wounded.

As you can imagine, the Puerto Rico angle is starting to get discussed online. And yes, there is ignorance. For example:

One FOX NEWS reporter also wants you to know as well:

Also, some actual Puerto Ricans thought López’s news would be a blow to Puerto Rican statehood. Seriously. No, we’re serious.

“Ivan Lopez, the Texas shooter, is boricua. Another strong blow against statehood in the same week. Fuck!”

“Iván López was boricua? Now statehood will be pushed back another 100 years.”

Then there is this. Yes, these are actual tweets too:

Here’s the thing. López could have been any American solder. Where he is from is irrelevant. It is where he went to (Iraq) that matters. The bigger issue is simple. Here’s to the smart tweeters:

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SusanneEnlaCiudad says:

The problem stems from the fact that Puerto Rican soldiers specifically are sent to combat zones two to three times – and never get the help they need when they return. The Veterans Hospital in Puerto Rico is a disaster. The incidence of post traumatic stress syndrome is amazingly high but does not get treated correctly. And the medications just add to the problem. The real story here is how many Puerto Ricans are fighting America’s war and how they get treated.