This Racism Happened in Murrieta, California Today

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HamiltonBurgerita says:

AmeroMexico HamiltonBurgerita Hilarious response. Thanks for the laugh pocho.

AmeroMexico says:

HamiltonBurgerita Hey you fucking fuck…this American country and all who were born here have the same rights that you use and take for granted and as for latinos being American..guess what fuck face we all share the very same American values without the racism you white hood wearing KKK bonehead.  Before America was invaded by European sickso; it belong and will continue to belong to natives so if anyone is going to act American; then go back to school and get an education and learn culture you ignorant idiot and learn to treat people with respect and dignity regardless of their skin color and language that they speak this is where true respect for your fellow man starts..damn bigot.  You mostly forgot that you a lot has taken place since your racist bastards ran the country as the country is no longer white but make up of many ethnicities who are born here with the very same rights you take for granted; We are Americans with the same constitutional rights to write on this social media and express our ideas whether people like them or not including your derogatory garbage that you speak! I am a proud American and speak english and spanish from my ancestry of mexican heritage and unlike your ignorant ass. I speak two languages not just one and I have unlike you assimilated to the American while at the same time being able to identify and maintain my Mexican heritage through culture and language, so if anyone has to assimilate it is you…you bigot trash and sorry ass excuse for American.

kcas says:

“Save our kids from disease” as if people didn’t realize that Europeans were the ones who brought disease onto the American Soil in the first place. Ignorant.

latinorebels says:

HamiltonBurgerita CalebKenaiGonzalez For the record, the vast majority of these kids are from Central America. #JustSaying

HamiltonBurgerita says:

profesorburlador HamiltonBurgerita latinorebels LuisLaGranVerga

That’s your strategy to refute what I’ve posted? Ad Hominem? Nice use of fallacies in your argument. 

I exude self-confidence, and have no idea where or how you pulled a lack of self-confidence from noticing a change in behavior in latinos seeing an outsider come into their territory. I still bought my carne asada, whether they liked it or not.

Oh, and regarding your strawman comment, I’ve taken several spanish classes in my high school and college career pocho. What do you want me to speak your native tounge in my own country or something? Aprenda Inglés o salir.

profesorburlador says:

HamiltonBurgerita latinorebels LuisLaGranVerga
Your oh poor me, people talk about me in Spanish comment says it all. Get some self confidence, accept that not everyone is like you, get educated (the same logic that sends companies overseas for cheap labor results in immigration). Oh yeah, and why not lobby your representatives in congress to stop paying MY TAX DOLLARS to subsidize corn farmers? Free market? No creo ;-). Farmers go bankrupt because they can’t compete and guess what? There are jobs for them in the U.S. 

And then guess what? Not everyone is going to be the same. Get used to it, you’ll be  a happier person if you do. Or learn Spanish and surprise us all when you say something back in Spanish. I know you won’t, but it’d do you good.

HamiltonBurgerita says:

latinorebels LuisLaGranVerga HamiltonBurgerita Treating you with respect and dignity? How have white people mistreated you? White people have been so tolerant it is disgusting. White people are leading themselves to self-genocide so you can live and succeed in this country and you are calling them disrespectful? No one out at those buses was hating mexicans because they are mexican, they were out there because they hate illegal immigrants who have no desire to become American. We’ve seen it time and time again. We let people in out of the goodness of our heart, and they turn around and create their own community, separate from the rest. You don’t think I’ve heard how latino people talk about other races? I don’t want to hear any kind of holier than thou crap. I’ve been in plenty of restaurants/grocery stores where when I walk in the room, all heads turn and everyone starts acting funny. It’s blatant racism. America has bent over backwards in the last 25 years to welcome latino migrants, and all the migrants have done is spit on us and what we have offered them.
I will never forget the year 2006 when I witnessed over 1000 latino high school kids rip the American flag off a flagpole, and string up the Mexican standard with the American flag underneath it, flipped upside down. This is the mindset of the Latino community here in Los Angeles. You may say, “Oh they are kids, how can you base your whole opinion of a community on some kids?” And my answer to that is because this kind of bullshit behavior has gone on since the 1970’s. It is ingrained to behave this way by latino parents to their children. It is why the “rebels” here are running this website right now. They are doing everything they can to maintain their “unique” identity, and if having to claim they are persecuted to maintain their foreign culture is what they have to do, its been seen that they will do it. So, I don’t know how that can be the best response to me ever, if what that pocho had to say was nothing but bullshit. I guess it works when the website you are posting at is overflowing with that very same shit. 

Get bent you racists.

HamiltonBurgerita says:

CalebKenaiGonzalez HamiltonBurgerita I hear you loud and clear, but commentators like me would never come around if such a hateful and culturally damaging website did not exist. My opinions are a reaction to the reaction of Mexican’s refusing to assimilate to the culture set forth as the standard in my country.

CalebKenaiGonzalez says:

HamiltonBurgerita Its commenters like you that keep the divide. If people stopped fighting opinion against opinion than there is never going to be a result. As long as opposites clash there will never be any resolution. Both sides need to throw away our pride and work for a solution. And it starts with all of us commenters who have the right but feel the need to flaunt and fight with our opinion and complaining that its the other sides fault. Someone needs to be the bigger person so why not have it be you? and me? Or the next commenter?

latinorebels says:

LuisLaGranVerga best response ever to HamiltonBurgerita

latinorebels says:

HamiltonBurgerita Great. Don’t come visit us then. We don’t care.

LuisLaGranVerga says:

HamiltonBurgerita Tell you what. Start treating us with respect and dignity , THEN we can talk about assimilation.

HamiltonBurgerita says:

I live how this website persecutes anything European, calling their views racist, immature and evil, all while out of the other side of your mouth you, in spanish of course, you display those same immature, evil and racist sentiments. Latino Rebels. What a complete joke. It’s the type of people that run this website that keep the cultural divide alive and well between Americans and Latinos. Assimilate and there will be harmony. Keep up the “Im a latino” shenanigans and there will forever be conflict. You are american, act like it.

latinorebels says:

axg0135x Thanks, we fixed it. It was late last night and some of the more awful tweets and pics were found under the misspelling of the city instead of the correct spelling. We appreciate the heads up!

axg0135x says:

So sad 🙁
Just a quick note about the spelling, it’s actually “Murrieta”