Presenting EKATOMBE: An Indie Doc About Nicaragua’s Gay Community

Jun 23, 2011
4:35 PM

We support Anthony Alcalde as he develops a film that MUST BE TOLD. Please take a moment to support EKATOMBE: Nicaragua's Gay Community Prepares for Carnaval

Our Story

As a Heterosexual male from New York, I was given the opportunity to document and learn about the Gay Community in Nicaragua.  It was a unique experience because I did not know that I had a family member who was openly gay and who could show me his way of life.  My cousin Glendon came out of the closet at the age of 16 and was widely criticized for it by his family members and then later accepted.  As he is now 32 years old, this story takes us through the preparations of his dance group who will ultimately participate in the 2011 Carnaval in Managua, Nicaragua.  As a choreographer and designer, he struggles economically and with steady employment but manages to make ends meet.  Regard of his situation, the community comes together for this beautiful event to show that one can remain happy and proud in the midst of despair and poverty.

The Impact 


The impact that we want to have on society is to show that we need to be more tolerant of the Gay Communities around the world.  We want to show that even in a poor third world country like Nicaragua, that the gay community is fighting for their rights.  To show that the gay community is no different than the "normal" communities in which we live in.  As we are all united in some way, this is an opportunity to be more understanding, compassionate and giving to this sector of society.  We also hope that it will embolden others to explore the gay communities and understand their stories, their struggles and that which make them happy.  While many of us may not agree with the lifestyle we have to be mindful that a family member or a sibling of a friend may be part of this community.  That they need our support and care while they walk through life.  They do not have to walk it alone when they have loving family members and friends to support them.


What We Need & What You Get

ALL FUNDS that are directed to the campaign will go directly towards finishing the film.  We are at this time in the process of putting together a final cut that requires additional weeks in the editing process.  As the Post Production facility is based in NYC we have been fortunate to have had a great start editing the film in Nicaragua.  At this time we are looking to reach out to the LGBT community and other partnerships for the film.  Our campaign will continue as long as we have the small contributions that you can provide.  We feel that it is necessary to bring this message to the world and especially the Gay community.


ALL PERKS will be honored and given in the order of the donation breakdown.  We hope to reach our goal as soon as possible so we can deliver this to you on time.  Timely updates will also be sent out as well as Perk Updates.

ALL ADDITIONAL FUNDS that are secured these will go directly to the distribution of the project.  Film Festival submissions and other interested parties to get the project seen and hopefully sold

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to donate the minimal amount we ask for your help in others ways.  We ask that you find it in your heart to pass this link along to someone who may be interested in the film and by posting the link on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networks.  This may seem like a small act but you will help us reach more people and ultimately our goal of getting the project to completion.