The Katt Williams Mexican Rant in Phoenix: What He Said

Aug 30, 2011
7:37 AM

On Day 2 of the Katt Williams Mexican tirade in Phoenix, it appears that this story has gained some major momentum and won't go away.

For those who missed the Williams, here is the video, along with a rough transcript of what he said, as he pranced around the stage and his fans egged him on.


"Since y'all like it over here a lot. and I'm saying, if I'm speaking out of line, let me know. But I'm saying it appears to me, y'all like it over here a lot. And let me tell you why I'm making that assumption, because I have no right to make that assumption. But understand this, this what gives me the right, and don't you get it twisted… If y'all had California and you loved it, then you shouldn't have given that mothafucka up. You should have fought for California, goddamnit, since you love it..

Because you think I'm dissing Mexico and I'm defending America. Are you Mexican? Do you know where Mexico is? No this ain't Mexico, it used to be Mexico, motherfucker, and now it's Phoenix, goddammit. USA! USA!

Fuck you back, nigga. i bet you dont even go to Mexico, motha fucka… no nigga, do you know where you at? USA! USA! I dont give a fuck. no nigga, this is my hood… [security arrives] Fuck him! Mothafuckas think they can live in this country and be allegience to another country… do you remember when white people used to say go back to Africa? And we’d have to tell them we dont want to? So if you love Mexico, bitch, get the fuck over there! [Williams begins to see the National Anthem].

We were slaves bitch, you just all work like that at the landscapers… It's not even racial — you're a bitch! I don't give a fuck what race that is, that's a pussy."

In the meantime, the social media world has begun to buzz about Williams, with the vast majority of people sharply criticzing the comic, who was also inolved in a fight in Phoenix this past Saturday that led to his ejection from his own show.

A Facebook site called Katt Williams Formal Apology for Insensitive Comments About Mexicans was formed yesterday and has already close to 300 fans as of this morning. Williams' official Facebook Fan Page (Williams' last post in July says the following: "once again, i want to send a personal shout out to all my real fans and followers and I would like to tell all the haters to kiss my ass) has been barraged with comments, most of them condeming Williams for his actions, although as with any fan page, Williams' defenders are holding their own.

Here are just a few of the most recent comments:

I'm just saying… I don't understand why Mexican people are so "proud of Mexico" but don't want to live there.. not saying they shouldn't be here in the USA but think it should be done legally…also I don't think its fair that so many Mexicans want to change the ways of things to suit them..if I moved to Mexico I don't think they'd change the billboards to spanish and REQUIRE people to be bi lingual to have a job. Also I would like to point out that I love George Lopez and he talks crap about white and black people too…. Katt has his right to an opinion… you blame him but clearly what was started as a JOKE got ugly because of the MEXICAN audience member who actually stood up and said "This IS Mexico" well like Katt..the last time I checked it wasn't and honestly if he does like it so much then he should move there instead of complaining about our laws and such!

@David Patrick Winters so just because you spent the summer in Ecuador learning Spanish makes you an expert on Latin America? So every Latin America who isn't Mexican dislikes Mexicans? Latin Americans are like every other groups of people throughout the world: some Chinese don't like the Japanese; some Persians don't like Arabs…etc. What Katt Williams did was to insult an entire group of people who happen to be proud of their culture and history. Just because someone has pride in being Mexican, Irish,Jewish, or whatever, doesn't make the disloyal Americans.

Just saw the clip of your Phoenix "rant" and all I have to say is LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

You need to get off the drugs first and check yourself loser…we will boycott you and anyone who sponsors you. You crossed the line and tried your hardest to divide the black and mexican communities so that they can fight against themselves even more. You forgot what a struggle the black man had and how he had so much help from the Latino community when you needed it and now you are trying to undo all that work in spewing your racist tirade in the name of comedy. Bullshit!!! that was not comedy but a tirade with what you think was a license to bellow hatred…that will not garner you sympathy nor boost your ticket sales…not on our backs and never through hatred. Better get more security to babysit you 24/7 because you look like you had too much drugs to stand straight. And no one is going to kiss your scrawny ass but your Mama. You messed with the wrong crowd. c/s

i think its a shame when a minority picks on another minority!!! dont fucken get it twisted im mexican american born to this mother fucken country!!! im proud to be in america but im fucken proud of my mexican blood that flows through my veins!!!

WIlliams has also not tweeted on his KatPackAllDay Twitter account since August 27, the morning before his Phoenix fight and two days before his Mexican rant. This is his latest tweet: "Good Morning Twiggaz time to shit show and shave to start my day but first i must Roll Up!"




A Twitter search of Williams shows that the Twitterverse (both the Twiggaz and the non-Twiggaz) are busy discussing Williams's actions. We did contact Williams' management yesterday and we have yet to get a a statement from the comic.