Daughter of Katt Williams Heckler Thanks Social Media for Support

Aug 31, 2011
4:05 PM

This afternoon on a Facebook page demanding for an apology by comedian Katt Williams, whose Mexican Rant in Phoenix last Sunday is garnering online interest and debate, the daugther of the person Williams cut down with his jokes for seven minutes posted a word of thanks to supporters:

The reaction by fans of the page to this post was overwhlemingly positiive:

Tell your dad thanx from Los Angeles for speaking out against that ignorant uneducated mental midget 😉

That was your dad? WOW! Tell him thanks for standing up for all of us. Not only did he stand up for the chicanos and Mexicans, but for all of us Latinos from Central America, and South America that get disrespected and harrased everyday by stupid assed ignorants like this IDIOT!