Dear SNL: Please Just Stick to Politics, Because Your Latino Humor is Awful

Oct 16, 2011
3:06 PM

We admit it. We watch SNL. When we are not in some bar on Saturday night, we will put on the show to see what it will offer. Last night's show started out with much promise, as it opened with a Fred Armisen impersonation of Michael Bloomberg about #OccupyWallStreet that was spot on. But then, the show took a bad detour into a typical, tired, and stale skit about Latinos that just wasn't funny. SNL has had a sad history of providing awful Latino comedy, and last night was just another example. Good thing the Volkswagon commercial about the Spanish lesson came right after that awful skit.

So the ghost of Chico Escuela is alve and well with SNL. Sad.

Here is the sequence from last night. Armisen as Bloomberg.

But right after that brilliant beginning, you get this as the opening skit.

So when this commercial shows up right after, we smile, because this is at least funny. And real. And honest.

And that is why we think SNL should just stick to politics. Or, and this would be a bit radical, hire Latino comedy writers and performers!!!!