ABC Sitcom “Work It” Offends Puerto Ricans with Awful Drug Dealer “Joke”

Jan 4, 2012
10:09 PM

First of all, there is only one reason why we are even blogging about ABC’s “Work It,” a new Bosom Buddies ripoff sitcom that is getting trashed by critics. The premise is awful, the jokes are stale, and it has no originality.

Like we said, we wouldn’t even give this show any more notice if it weren’t for the following 30 seconds from last night’s pilot. We aren’t even going to set it up for you.

So, we will give this awful “joke” the benefit of the doubt because this show has a shelf life of a rotten banana. Maybe the original intent of the script was to make the joke sarcastic and self-depricating (that would have been actually kind of clever), but even if that were the case, the final product is lame.

This is pretty simple: there is comedy and then there is drivel. This falls under the second category and it shows typical ignorance. We won’t waste any more copy discussing this, we will just let the “joke” speak for itself. What do you think?

In case you want to let ABC know how you feel, you can go here.

UPDATE: now that the YouTube video which we recorded from our own TV (cable TV that we pay for) has gone viral, just it case ABC comes after us and YouTube blocks the video, you can also see it and download it here.