Puerto Rican Actor @Amaury_Nolasco Apologizes on Twitter for His Character’s Drug Dealer Joke

Jan 11, 2012
10:17 PM

The Twitter silence for Puerto Rican actor Amaury Nolasco is over. The actor, whose ABC show "Work It" face a social media controversy for a line about Puerto Rican drug deal ears, tweeted out an apology today around 5pm EST. The apology appeared on Nolasco's stream in both English and Spanish. It was more than 140 characters, so the entire apology tweet showed up on the WhoSay website (Spanish version):

Like we reported a few days back, we had always said that we were rooting for Nolasco to do the right thing. And he did. This apology is sincere, humble, and honest. But there are still questions: will Nolasco divulge what went through his mind when he read the line on the script for the first time? What did he think about the line? Was he just an actor doing his job? What will he do to repair the firestorm he recieved?



Boricuas Reps Withdraw Apology Demans, ABC Demonstration Still On

Upon hearing of Nolasco's tweet, Reps. José Serrano and Nydia Velázquez withdrew a demand for an apology from ABC, even though ABC has not formally commented on the grassroots movement that has been created regarding the show and its offensive line.

We guess that without an apology from ABC, plans to demonstrate tomorrow night will still continue. As of this initial post, no plans to cancel tomorrow's demonstration in New York City have occurred. In fact, a press release from The National Institute for Latino Policy was issued today with more details about the Thursday demonstration:


Boricuas for a Positive Image
Join The Protest!
Thursday, January 12, 2012
5:30 Pm
ABC Television Corporate Headquarters
77 West 66th Street & Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10023
against the blatant offense by ABC television’s portrayal of the Puerto Rican community!The ABC show “Work It” blatantly offends the Puerto Rican community by portraying Puerto Ricans as “good drug dealers”
“Boricuas for a Positive Image” a newly formed ad hoc group of activists, will hold a second protest outside ABC television corporate headquarters this coming Thursday, January 12th in a continued effort to call attention to the inflicted offense that ABC’s “Work It” pilot sitcom has caused the Puerto Rican/Latino community . . . where Puerto Ricans were stereotyped as expert vendors of narcotics. A character called Angel, played by the actor Amaury Nolasco, is scripted as saying to be an expert on selling drugs because he is Puerto Rican.
Protest organizers will be announcing their demands from the television network, including calling for a public apology.
Stand Up For Dignity & Justice!
Be at the Protest!
Thursday, January 12, 2012
5:00 PM Press conference with elected officials
5:30 Pm Protest
ABC Television Corporate Headquarters
77 West 66th Street & Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10023
¡En La Unidad
Está La Fuerza! ¡Sí Se Puede!
The following is the latest statement we have received
“It is unfortunate that ABC would choose to look for humor by exploiting misleading stereotypes about Puerto Ricans, rather than highlight the positive contributions Puerto Ricans have made to the well-being of this nation. This unfortunate, unfunny attempt at humor is both reprehensible and something that ABC should apologize for, without delay,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.
Partial List Of Organizations That Have Signed On to be there tomorrow:
Local 372/DC-37, Latin Leadership Institute, LACLAA, Casa De Las Americas & the South Bronx Community Congress.