The OFFICIAL “Sh*t Latina Girls Say” Video by @Dominizuelan Goes Viral, Outdoes Imitators

Jan 13, 2012
4:28 PM

Yes, everyone by now knows about all the "Sh*t Girls Say" parody videos, and as with any genre (yes, they are now a genre because there are so damn many of them), there are two strategies: post a parody quickly onto YouTube to ride the traffic wave—quality be damned—or wait and actually produce a higher quality parody that even though it might not get the initial spike because it came out later, it will go viral eventually BECAUSE the content is so so much better.

That is what happened to Chicago's dynamite comedy duo Dominizuelan, who quite frankly are doing comedy right. This Wednesday, their video, which they called The OFFICIAL one (nice move!), premiered on YouTube and as of this post, just about 48 hours later, the video has gone viral with more than 12,000 views and counting.

So we asked Dominizuelan why they created the video and this is what they told us:

Estamos tan feliz and super jacked that people are entertained! We loved the original Sh*t Girls Say video so much because it felt like honest observation executed with quality and class, something clearly missing from Latino entertainment in the mainstream American market.

We wanted to prove that you could flirt with cultural norms without being stereotypical to get a laugh. It's not that f*cking hard to do. If we can't relate to it- well then we will go ahead and make our own and guess what- there's a market for it-duh. Things are starting to change and there are wonderful comedians, actors, and producers out there trying to affect the trend. It's coming mi gente- but not soon enough, if you keep telling Latinos who are trying to bring you quality, smart entertainment, that we're a bunch of sensitive ninnies for wanting everyone to keep it honest and funny. As long as people keep asking me if I speak "Mexican" we will continue to push the agenda.

Tus girls,