Facebook Text Campaign to Deliver Tacos to East Haven Mayor Takes Off

Jan 25, 2012
10:28 PM

We have seen a lot of stories go viral online, but it is safe to say that the 24-hour news cycle regarding East Haven Mayor Joe Maturo and his "taco" comments first reported by WPIX-TV is moving at blinding speed.

Case in point: now there is a Facebook campaign to deliver Maturo tacos tomorrow afternoon at his office. The Facebook Fan Page of Reform Immigration for America has a pretty simple campaign going on

Thanks everyone for all your taco support today! Hundreds of you have texted your support and we'll be sending the first batch of tacos to the mayor tomorrow! And, if you haven't already, text TACO to 69866 to send Mayor Maturo a taco! Stress is no excuse for racist and careless comments.