Embattled East Haven Mayor Tells Local Connecticut TV: “I’ll Be a Better Leader”

Jan 27, 2012
8:59 PM

East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo, who this week became known on the Internet as the "Taco Mayor" for comments he made in the wake of four town police officers getting arrested by the FBI for racial profiling, taped an interview yesterday with Hartford's WFSB station where said that he will be a "better leader.'

The original incident that sparked the controversy can be seen here:

Maturo's upcoming interview, part of Dennis House's "State of the State" segment, will run this Sunday morning at 11 EST on Channel 3 in Hartford. House published details of the interview on his blog tonight. Here is an excerpt: 

Embattled East Haven Mayor Joe Maturo says it is time to move on from his taco comment that made headlines across the country. During a taping of Face the State with Dennis House on WFSB, Maturo said  acknowledged what he said was a mistake, but said he had obligation to the town and would not resign.

“I was voted in for my 11th year.  I have an obligation as the leader of our community to do what is right for our community.”

 ”I’m going to be a better leader and we are going to heal.   We are going to make East Haven a great place to live.”

Maturo agreed to come on Face the State this morning and arrived here as an immigration group was delivering 500 tacos to his office. He was followed to our studios by WPIX reporter Mario Diaz, who was interviewing Maturo when the mayor made the infamous taco comment earlier this week. Maturo told me it is time to move on, and when the media continues to air the video of the comment, it hurts the town.