New Report by @DemocracyNow Says ICE Initiated Racial Profiling Case of East Haven Police

Feb 3, 2012
6:05 PM

The East Haven racial profiling case, which has been overshadow by taco comments and a resignation by the town's Police Chief, continues to get more complex, as the following Democracy Now report reveals.

The report states that members of the East Haven police were not only racial profiling Latinos, they were working with ICE to deport the people the East Haven police were arresting. From Democracy Now's YouTube:

A new investigation by has revealed that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement continued to detain and deport individuals rounded up by the East Haven Police Department in Connecticut, even after the Department of Justice launched its investigation into racial profiling. Four East Haven police officers have been arrested for targeting Latino immigrants with false arrests and reports, and harassment — prompting the East Haven police chief to resign. We're joined by Seth Freed Wessler, a senior research associate at the Applied Research Center and an investigative reporter for East Haven "has a long history of profiling people of color," Freed Wessler says. "Folks of color in the greater New Haven area know not to drive through East Haven, Connecticut: you're going to get pulled over if you're black or Latino." 

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