“Why Sara Hates Laredo” Video Goes Viral: And People Are Responding

Feb 6, 2012
5:32 PM

Even with stories of Super Bowl shows, Brazilian supermodel wives and a Clint Eastwood commercial, the search term "Why Sarah Hates Laredo" has clearly been the top search term for our site today.

The video has been buzzing around Laredo and has begun to go viral on YouTube. NOTE: The original video has been banned from YouTube, as you can see.

The video has already gotten close to 500 dislikes and about 90 likes, and most of the comments have expressed anger and disappointment. Not much can be published, but this one hit home (we've edited the expletives):

This chick obviously lives on the wrong side of town. I was born and raised in Laredo and i know english my parents know english my brother does too. some of what she said is stuff we already know and we also talk about it too, and no we dont make a living from spraying water on windows to clean cars my family is educated and all of my friends familys are too……I LOVE MENUDO!!!! BEST HANGOVER REMEDY LOL

In the meantime, other YouTube videos have tried to present snippets of what Sara said about Laredo. Here are two of them:

Sara's Laredo video already has a YouTube response from Jorge, who lives in Laredo. Jorge just says what he says and there is something authentic and charming about him. As he says on his channel:


This is a video informing the nation that Laredo is not really a bad place. I've lived here for over seven years and find it to be quite an interesting place to have been raised. If Sara Walls or those who live with her view this, I would like to welcome them to this great community and hope they get adjusted soon.