Humboldt Park Residents to Hold Press Conference Demonstration at @TipsyCakeChi

Feb 22, 2012
11:09 PM

On Thursday, February 23, a press conference has been called in front of the Tipsy Cake in Humboldt Park at noonThis is what the organizers shared with us:

This is what they posted on our Facebook page:

‎"FYI: "Press conference tomorrow (Thursday-February 23) in front of Tipsy Cake Humboldt Park location 1043 N. California. 12 pm. Please join us during your lunch hour! Raise your voice latin@!! This is not only for us, EN LA UNIDAD ESTA LA FUERZA!!  Spread the word people! Down with racism! Down with stereotypes! Down with Tipsy Cake! Let's show them what an amazing community of Puerto Ricans there is in Humboldt Park and in the entire Chicago area!"