A Tale of Two Twitters? @hijorge Live Tweets Protest, While @TipsyCakeChi Says “We Are a Latino Business”

Feb 23, 2012
2:36 PM

The last 12 hours have been a bit heady in the social media story of Tipsy Cake, whose owner sparked a controversy with comments about life in Chicago's Humboldt Park. This afternoon, a community press conference/protest/boycott was held and according to live tweets from @hijorge, the scene was "intense" and many business owners and students who attended the event were "furious."

Here are screen shots of what @hijorge tweeted this afternoon:



In the meantime, at least on Twitter, there was no indication that the official Twitter feed of @TipsyCakeChi was responding to the tweets during the event. The last tweeting done by the account happened late last night, when in response to @profzavala, the account said they "were there to help" and in response to @JoseCruz200, the account said "we are a latino business why is there hate you condone?"


Finally, the Tipsy Cake Twitter profile posted the followed pic on YFROG:

Sound advice?