Our Rebelde @CharlieVazquez Breaks Down the Historic #LibroTraficante Event in NYC

Feb 26, 2012
9:51 PM

Rebelde Charlie Vázquez breaks down this weekend's LibroTraficante event in New York City. For more information about how you can help, go to LibroTraficante.com.

Writer and literary activist Charlie Vázquez talks about the Librotraficante project, the banning of Latino Studies materials in Arizona and how a similar book ban would affect Nuyoricans and those of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean diasporas.

You think this issue is not important? Imagine if a book ban was happening right now in NYC. Or anywhere else. This is not just a Tucson issue. It is  an American one. The documentary PRECIOUS KNOWLEDGE provides more details about the backstory.

Precious Knowledge Trailer from Dos Vatos on Vimeo.

For more information, go to LibroTraficante.com.