Even Though @CafePress Takes Down “Anti-Mexican Gifts” Section, “Anti=Mexico Gifts” Still Up

Feb 28, 2012
9:22 PM

Around 7pm EST today, we reported that CafePress issued a statement about the article we wrote about its "Anti-Mexican Gifts" section, and when an astute reader check the page, the "Anti-Mexican Gifts" section was taken down. Nonetheless, another reader alerted us that CafePress still has an "Anti=Mexico Gifts" section, and that section is still up as of 9:15 PM EST tonight. Here are the screen shots of some of the products:

Besides these lovely stickers, you can get your own Secure the Border hoodie:


Here is the main page:

Like we said in our original post,  anyone in the world can create their own product and market it. If you want to post it on a Minuteman site, go crazy. But when one of the Internet's most popular customized sites allows for these products, it might be time to have actual human employess check contect or have better filters.

UPDATE, 5;55 PM EST: The ANTI=MEXICO site was taken down.