On Twitter, @SHAQ Denounces “Yellow Journalism”—Might “Say Something” on @NBAonTNT

Feb 28, 2012
11:18 PM

TNT Sports analyst and former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal returned to Twitter today to address the ongoing controversy surrounding alleged comments that he made against Puerto Rico to a sports reporter from the island's Tiro Al Blanco sports show. Late Sunday night, Shaq was actively tweeting and denying reports from TAB's Emilio Pérez. After posting a video early Monday morning, Shaq's Twitter account was silent until earlier this afternoon when he posted the following tweets:


Who knows where this goes, but it is clear from O'Neal's tweets that he is denying the story altogether now. His previous tweets late Sunday night indicated that an encounter with Pérez did occur. On Sunday night, O'Neal referred to Pérez as a "fat obnoxious writer" who was asking for a photograph. Later that night, on his video below, O'Neal had suggested that Pérez wanted an autograph. After the video, Shaq did not tweet until later this afternoon today. (We did reach out to Shaq via Twitter for a comment. If he does respond to us, we will share.)