Daily Kos Founder @Markos Addresses @CafePress “SPICS” Ads: Advertiser Will Be Blocked

Mar 9, 2012
12:58 PM

UPDATE: @Markos answered our questions aorund 3pm EST on Friday March 9.

Around noon today, @Markos, the founder of DailyKos, commented on our on post about a racist "SPICS" Ad from CafePress, which had cycled into their Google ad stream last night on the Kos site. According to its founder, Markos said that Daily Kos is taking steps to block the advertiser.

We did ask to see if Daily Kos would comment on the other questions we sent to them last night, and if they do, we will share those as well.

UPDATE, 1:30 pm EST: @Markos elaborated some more.