Is #Kony2012 Really About Ugandan Oil and War? Other Videos Say It Is All Social Media Propaganda

Mar 12, 2012
11:36 PM

One week after #Kony2012 took over the Internet, several theories and videos the question the campaign and its intentions have appeared just as quickly. We did find one that many have been sharing with us, and as far as theories go, it is just a theory, yet it provides an alternative motive as to why the #Kony2012 video took off last week. Do we agree with it? We don't know, although we do think that the Internet is a place where people tend to react instead of pausing and questioning things. This video has elements of conspiracy theories (and some would say anti-Israeli propaganda), but we are sharing it since this video is now starting to spread on the Internet through several sources.

Here is one channel on YouTube that is running it:

Here is another channel that provides another theory that brings out other very good arguments and asks some very valid questions:

Yet the best one we have seen so far is this one from a Ugandan blogger: