Fortuño Campaign Slings Mud at García Padilla About A Silly “Sex Shop” Visit

Mar 13, 2012
8:29 AM

You knew it was going to get ugly and ugly quick on the island nation of Puerto Rico, the modern-day Macondo. While the island faces critical social and economic issues that border on the situation in Greece, according to reports, the campaign of pro-statehood and Republican governor Luis Fortuño has sunk to new levels. Take a page out of Lee Atwater, which actually makes sense, since Fortuño is a Reagan wonder boy. Move away from a silly Twitter fight and the real issues behind Puerto Rico's ills. Instead, distract the electorate with a story that Alejandro García Padilla. Fortuño's opponent, visited a "strip club" in 2006 on an official trip.

Alejandro García Padilla

Last night, García Padilla went on record with EL NUEVO DÍA to explain their accusations and basically tell Fortuño to knock it off and knock it off now. Here is an English translation (ours) of the original story from END:

Alejandro García Padilla revealed last night that, while in Seattle, Washington on an official trip in 2006, he visited an adult store or "sex shop" where he purchased a gift for his wife.

The gubernatorial candidate for the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) rejected categorically that he visited a "strip club" located in the same building where he purchased the gift.

The former secretary of the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO) made these statements after the television program SuperXclusivo challenged him to explain whether he had paid $ 47.25 in a Seattle brothel.

What were you doing in Seattle?

I was going to Seattle in 2006 to attend a convention that brings together consumer protection agencies. DACO of Puerto Rico was named best agency for the work I was doing.

Who accompanied you on that trip?

I went alone.

Tell me, how would you explain the gift?

After the convention ended, one my own personal free time I went to the tourist area, which was a few blocks from the hotel to buy some 'souvenirs', some gifts. I went to an adult gift shop and bought a present for my wife (Wilma Pastrana). It is a shame that the governor is desparately filtering a statement about my private credit card, a joint account I hold with my wife. I bought my wife a gift that cost 47 dollars.

What gift did you buy?

A gift for my wife … What you are suggesting or insinuating is wrong.

Why did you pay with a credit card from your wife?

Because she had an Advantage card points. To accumulate points, it issued a card in my name to my wife's account. At that time, we had that card and another card. I paid with the joint account that I have with my wife. Imagine that! What would I be hiding then? The bill and statement was sent to Wilma.

Are there further credit card charges, ones that are mentioned by the TV show?

I can assure you that there is nothing illegal on my credit card, there is nothing doubtful, or anything else. It has things a husband buys his wife. It is a gift to my wife with my private credit card. It a shame that the governor is divulging information about my my private credit card statement.

Did you also visit adult stores during your official visit to Dubai?

No. Let me make this clear. The truth is that I went to a store (in Seattle) and bought a gift for my wife in the middle of tourist area during the day, because I remember it was after the convention ended.

This is not the first time that the opposition has tried to link issues to pornography…

This is part of the same mud-slinging campaign. I presented an anti-crime plan and they began a campaign of lies against me and for several weeks trying to say alleged illegalities, but they failed, because there are none. Last week I took out a plan to create jobs and they come back with lies and mud. That's what it is. And what you mention is the same issue as I explained, not just in newspapers, but in several television programs.

García Padilla accused that governor Luis Fortuño is the person behind the information. "This is the governor. They want to deceive people because they are up against the wall with the contracts of their friends and I am presenting ideas. And they are upset, "said the senator.

He insisted that "the governor should apply the same standards required when referring to his own family relationship."