Should People Make Money Off Of Racist Products in the Name of the First Amendment?

Mar 15, 2012
7:30 PM

Freedom of speech is a unique American right. To be fully free in this society, you must allow for speech that pisses you off or hate speech.  But even though it is allowed, you also have the right to express your outrage against racist crap. Granted, we understand that many Americans don't like the President of the United States, but do you have to sell racist bumper stickers to express that opinion? We are all consumers and as consumers we can just ignore racist products. Yet, as a society, should we stay silent and just defend the First Amendment, or should we share products like these and let people decide what to do?

Today, we got the following Facebook picture from a fan and we posted it on our page


To those who think that the photo was "doctored," here is the site that sells these products. Hey, be racist all your want, but do you have to sell it? Also, do private web hosting companies have the right to not hosts pages like these? What do you think? In the meantime, see the lovely products being sold on this site.