Insult Comic @LisaLampanelli Tells Twitter: No Apology to @Dayanamendoza Necessary

Apr 13, 2012
9:23 PM

After getting slammed by Venezuela's former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza for hurling a racial slur joke that Mendoza said was "degrading an entire Hispanic culture," insult comedian Lisa Lampanelli, who appears in the "Celebrity Apprentice" with Mendoza, went to Twitter and defended herself.


Calling herself an insult comic, Lampanelli tweeted out the following:

She also followed up with this tweet:

Most of the tweets regarding Lampanelli's "spic joke" slammed her, but safe to say that most of those people don't even know her act. Yes, just like there are people on Twitter who didn't know that The Titanic was real, most people (especially those in Venezuela) don't have a clue who Lampanelli is. She lives off this type of shock treatment. We don't think she is funny or clever and yeah, anyone who uses "spic" in daily comic vocabulary is a lazy-ass comic who might want to think twice the next time (but Lampanelli won't)

She will use her "insult comic" moniker and her justification for her free speech. That is fine, but at the same time, the road is two ways: you can say something stupid and offensive on paid satellite radio (the racial slur joke wasn't part of her stage performance, and it wasn't funny), but don't expect that some people won't react to it.

But we're sure Lampanelli knows that already. That is how she makes her career. Through insults. Hey, it does have an audience in America these days (and we are sure that Lampanelli won't need to be playing in Caracas any time soon).

As for us? We've heard so many "Latina knocked up jokes," that at least Lampanelli could be more original. Yawn. She won't stop her bit, but still, humility goes a long way. Hell, even Katt Williams tried to deal with it.

And if some people are pissed at you, fighting insults with more insults just shows how hard it is for personality to just get out of his or her own shtick. We understand, and that is why Lampanelli is just not our style of comedy. We wish her luck and a nice #NoMames.

Here is a Storify of Twitter reaction to Lampanelli. Granted, the reaction was pretty small, relative to Geraldo Hoodie Gate and other previous firestorms.