Reports from Cuba: Man Who Shouted ‘Down with Communism’ During Pope’s Visit Released

Apr 15, 2012
4:39 PM

According to, Andrés Carrión, the Cuban man who shouted "Down with Communism!" during Pope Benedict's Mass in Santiago, and then was immediately apprehended by the Cuban government, was released on April 14. The site, which is financed by the US government and transmits news to Cuba, posted an interview with Carrión.

The image of Carrión shouting in Santiago was published and covered on this site the week that it happened:

In the interview with, Carrión told the outlet the following as to why he said what he said: "My motivations were that of all Cubans, just that they are afraid to express it."

Andrés Carrión and his wife Aliuska

He continued:

"I reached a breaking point, my fear gave way to reality and I decided to just assume what would happen after. That's how it happened, I took advantage of the fact that the Holy Father was there, and I saw it was the best opportunity to express what I felt was the feeling of all Cubans."

"I decided to accept the challenge because something touched me to me express our feelings out loud to everyone. It was a simple as that."

"Once I was detained the Versailles headquarters, I cannot really say that I was mistreated or that they beat me. I continue to be followed and watched, and I have been holed up in my home for a long time."