Three Sonorans: Arizona AG Tom Horne to Speak at Fundraiser for Lawsuit Against MAS Program

Apr 17, 2012
7:59 PM

We will call the AG's office tomorrow to confirm that Tom Horne did indeed attend a legal fund fundraiser as a public offcial, but for now we will post what The Three Sonorans wrote this afternoon:


While the top lawyer in the state finds himself under an FBI investigation, the Attorney General of Arizona, Tom Horne, is helping raise money to support a million dollar lawsuit against TUSD-MAS’s Sean Arce and Jose Gonzales.

The John Ward million-dollar lawsuit against Sean Arce and Jose Gonzales also includes their wives’ assets, both of whom are also TUSD teachers, including Norma who is also an MAS teacher.

In addition to this million dollar lawsuit, all three of these MAS teachers may not even be working at TUSD next year as their contracts are not renewed by the top MAS-destroyer of them all, SALC’s John Pedicone.