Stay Informed: Follow ARIZONA V. UNITED STATES on Official Supreme Court Links

Apr 25, 2012
11:48 AM

We have no doubt that the mainstream media will begin to filter ARIZONA V. UNITED STATES the moment oral arguments are completed today at the US Supreme Court. We, however, will do our very best to look at the actual primary documents surrounding the case and listen to the full public audio arguments that will be made available by the Court.

The following link, ARIZONA V. UNITED STATES, will contain all the official documents and arguments that surround a case that we think will be a critical issue for the 2012 election year. In addition, the SCOTUS Blog for this case provide very factual accounts of proceedings.

You can also listen to full audio arguments here when they become available this week as well as read the transcripts of the arguments here.

As an interested American citizen, you don't need the mainstream media to learn about this case. Go straight to the source and make your own decisions about the case independently.