After Powerful Video Gets Over Two Million Views, Mexican Organization Plays It Safe With New Video

Apr 26, 2012
8:43 PM

Talk about a bad sequel.

Just two weeks ago, the group, Nuestro Mexico del Futuro, released a video that gained over 2 million views in less than 72 hours. Right after it took off, it was removed from the group's main site and YouTube channel, although other YouTube channels are still running it:

Today, after announcing that a new video would be released that would promote the millions of ideas that came from their campaign, the group played it safe. How do you go from getting over 2 million views, to removing your video, to saying your have millions of people behind you and then just produce such a traditional PSA? What happened to real next steps? Maybe this is what happens when you you go viral and get politicians nervous. You go back to being mainstream. Sad. What do you think?

A single child asking for a better Mexico and telling the 2012 presidential candidates to listen to our ideas. Where did impact of the last video disappear to?