Mexican Presidential Candidate Josefina Vázquez Mota Walks Out on Open Forum in Los Angeles

May 1, 2012
11:09 PM

The following video, which has gotten over 62,000 views on YouTube since it was uploaded in late March, shows Mexican presidential candidate Josefina Vázquez Mota of the National Action Party (PAN) walking out of a March 9 open forum with Mexican citizens in Los Angeles without even answering questions from voters. Watch for yourself and see what you think.

No matter your politics and what you stand for, we do find it sad that politicians from all sides of the aisles do not engage voters in a way that is authentic, unrehearsed, and honest.

Mexico is a country that is suffering and there are Mexicans who are tired of it. Was it so hard to answer the question? Did you really have to leave after having people wait two hours for you, as the video says? The time to actually attack the real issues are here. Will these politicians embrace them?