Dear Mike’s Hard Lemonade: Stop Your Dumb Mariachi Campaign and Just Start Listening to Pedro Infante

May 3, 2012
1:41 PM

This morning, we found out Mike's Hard Lemonade was pushing an "Be Mariachi'd" campaign for Cuatro de Mayo (clever, right?) that quite frankly just misses and fails on so many levels. American brands are really trying hard to become more "diverse," but instead wind up mocking cultural traditions in the interest of hard-edged, quirky hipness.

We will be very clear with you, Mike's: your campaign is dumb. Stupid. Not funny. It just perpetuates the silly stereotypes of mariachis, drunk frat boys, and a clear ignorance of how insulting your campaign is to many Latinos.

We thought long and hard about your campaign, and even though it would be a good move on your end to just stop it, at the very least you should be cool and have someone with actual talent try to replicate the talent of say, Pedro Infante. Mariachi music comes from the heart, hipsters. Just listen to Infante here and suck it.