Mike’s Hard Lemonade “Be Mariachi’d” Campaign Gets a Major #NoMames Award

May 3, 2012
12:30 PM

We would like to bang our head against the wall right now. Today we received the following tweet from the official Twitter account of Mike's Hard Lemonade.

So we checked it out and got this:

Which led us to this:

And then we were like, really? Stuff like this just doesn't cut it for us. We give Mike's Hard Lemonade a big #NoMames. Why? Let's give you a few reasons:

  • Yes, we do like to drink, but we don't like to drink when some silly campaign in its really earnest attempt to be funny, hip, and cute, just comes off as mocking and annoying.
  • Why can't you just have five guys singing requested songs? Why did you have to go all "mariachi" to make it so "special" and is your use of "Cuatro de Mayo" trying to be clever? Sure, most of your customers will find this "awesome" (because they don't know any better), but we don't.
  • Next time: just have the hipsters make fools of themselves without the mariachi costumes. They actually don't need them.
  • As for our song request: Sing #NoMames all day tomorrow, or better yet, we might sing it to you.

To Mike's Hard Lemonade, sorry, guys, you failed on this one.