Spammy Internet Marketer Publishes Self-Reporting Immigration Site… With Dating Sites and All

May 7, 2012
8:48 AM

A report out of Utah describes the creation of a new site called, which allegedly allows people to sign up and self-report suspected "illegals." It is a sign of what is so bad about the Internet (unchecked and unmonitored content curation), and as the Utah report says, it can lead to extreme examples of discrimination: all because someone might not "appear" to be 'American."

Here is what the report says:

According to a press release, Illegal Alien Report was created by a professional search engine marketer who built a foundation to disseminate information for people looking for reports of "illegal aliens," the businesses hiring them or citizens tafficking in illegal people. It also includes a forum for online discussions, a gift store with some merchandise [activist] Tony Yapias described as "outrageous" and the latest news related to illegal immigration.

The site, which includes submissions from portions of Europe, has user-generated reports listed by page after page after page, including one submitted about a Utah man who is alleged to be illegal, abusive to his wife and employed at a Davis County business that hires "illegals."

Yapias said the site is yet another example of social media unrestrained without any checks or balances or requisite fact-checking. "In today's world, we have this information available immediately and it could be unfounded information or misinformation," Yapias said. "People have to be really, really careful about something like this. I think in general Utahns have been very, very good, but there will be a few individuals who will use this website to cause problems for certain people." 

We checked out the site and even joined it, and the site has everything that sucks about the Internet:

  1. Racist content
  2. Bad dating sites
  3. Ads for brands like Evite. Maybe you can use Evite to a "round up the illegals" party.
  4. "Merchandise"

Here are just some of the screen shots. As for the intent, last time we checked, there is NO REASON you can't actually contact law enforcement if you have issues. But a user-generated site that tries to accuse 'those damn illegals," is a scam and a farce. Anyone who actually uses it should get spammed with Viagra ads for the rest of their lives.

The fact is that this site is just a spammy internet marketer that is trying to use Google search terms to peddle his goods. Sad.

Report an "Illegal" and Get a Date, Too! 


With Anna Nicole Smith Videos and Evite Ads!


Sure,  Add Some Chuck Norris and More Evite Ads!


And Go Crazy, Report Someone Without Proof