Former California Governor Pete Wilson Chosen as a Romney Delegate to Republican National Convention

May 9, 2012
2:11 PM

Pete Wilson? Really?

As the GOP and the Republican National Committee struggle to change Mitt Romney's extreme immigration stances that he employed during the primary season, the Sacramento Bee reported today that former California governor Pete Wilson, perhaps one of the most infamous anti-immigrant leaders of the last two decades (hello, Prop 187), has been named a Romney delegate for the national Republican convention. He just a list of Californians who are a who's who of the GOP, including former gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman.

Such an announcement already got the compulsory tweet from Obama 2012 Latino media director Gabriela Domenzain:

Domenzain followed up her English tweet with one in Spanish, just to make sure the word got out:

Who can blame her? Sure Obama has his issues with the Latino vote, but still, it's Pete Flipping Wilson, another of Romney's sorry immigration draft choices. As the Latino vote continues to be important in key swing states like Nevada, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico and other states, any Romney association with Wilson will be quickly shared. Wilson is the padrino of the anti-immigrant bloc of the GOP.

So, Romney really is softening his stance on immigration? ¿De veras? #NoMames, Mitt.